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Dental Filling

Dental patient looking at dentistHaving a decayed tooth does not obviously mean that you have to get it extracted. It also does not mean you have to struggle with the pain it causes. Different restoration procedures are available to help repair the tooth and bring it back to its normal function and state. A tooth filling procedure is one of the viable solutions for repairing a decayed tooth. Our general dentist at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS will remove decay, clean the area, and fill the cavity with a special filling material. Dental fillings can help prevent further decay.

When are Fillings Necessary?

Fillings are recommended for patients who have an increased risk of developing tooth decay or where extensive tooth preparations may be required. They also work well in situations where moisture makes it difficult to bond the tooth using other materials. Our dentist may also use porcelain white fillings also referred to as onlays or inlays. These fillings are able to resist staining and cover a big area of the tooth.

Dental Filling Procedure

Filling a tooth cavity is a simple process. First, the dentist takes an x-ray to see the nature of the damage to the tooth. Before filling the cavity, the dentist drills a hole to access the decayed part and removes the decayed tissue. Thereafter, the dentist cleans the area. A numbing agent is used to ensure comfort during the procedure. A special filling substance is applied to the tooth to seal the cavity. Besides filling a cavity, you may get a filling to repair damage to a tooth due to teeth grinding. If you have a broken tooth, fillings can be utilized to replace the parts.

Benefits of Dental Fillings

A filling helps protect the tooth from bacteria that could find their way into the affected area. As a result, it helps shield the tooth from further decay. Additionally, a filling helps improve the color as well as structure of the tooth.

What About Temporary Fillings?

If you have a toothache after receiving pulp treatment, you may need to get a temporary filling. The procedure of treating an inflamed pulp may leave it irritated. Therefore, our dentist may recommend you get a temporary filling to reduce pain as you wait for the regular composite to be done.

If you are in need of a tooth filling to cover a cavity or repair a crack or perhaps protect a delicate pulp after a pulp treatment, visit us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS. Schedule an appointment today by calling (512) 617-3361.
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