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Dental Implant

Single tooth implant in row of teethIt is not desirable to have missing teeth. Your teeth work to maintain the shape of your face. They also work to ensure proper chewing and alignment of your bite. People who have lost their teeth often tend to hide their smiles. Also, the gaps left behind after losing teeth can easily be infected with bacteria. They can also fill up with debris and plaque that encourages decay. The gaps may also allow the adjacent teeth to shift toward the area, making it difficult to speak or eat properly. At Michelle Hedgecock, DDS, we understand the hardships you have to go through when you have missing teeth. It is for that reason that we recommend dental implants to enhance your oral health and ensure you face life confidently with an attractive look.

Why Receive Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a type of restoration that helps restore missing teeth. The procedure is not new and is today considered standard care when it comes to teeth replacement. Once you have a dental implant fitted in the jawbone, it acts as a natural tooth root. It holds the artificial teeth, allowing them to stand independently without interfering with the neighboring teeth. You may need to get a dental implant if you have lost a tooth from cavities, clenching or grinding habit, tooth root fracture, facial injury, cleft lip, or gum disease.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Receiving dental implants allows you to improve your facial appearance, chewing ability, and speech. Dental implants are recommended to secure a removable or permanent bridge and denture or to replace a missing tooth. Since implants are permanent, it means that there is no need for adhesives like the ones that are used to hold dentures in place. Besides, unlike dental bridges, which allow the dentist to reshape the nearby teeth, with implants, all of your remaining teeth remain intact. Also, dental implants cannot get cavities.

The Procedure

First and foremost, it is essential you understand that not all patients have a good candidacy for dental implants. If you have gum disease, you first need to have it treated. If you smoke, you have to quit before receiving the procedure because it can impact the process of healing. Additionally, people with uncontrolled diabetes or heart disease may have to manage the conditions first before getting dental implants.

The process of fitting dental implants takes several months. If you have a problem with your tooth, it is removed. A dentist will allow the gums to heal before installing implants. Also, if you lack enough bone volume, a bone graft may be done to increase the bone mass.

During the implantation, the dentist places a titanium screw in the jawbone where the replacement tooth will be placed. An implant takes another three months to heal. It is only then that you can receive your permanent tooth. After the installation of the dental implant post, you get temporary teeth that you use during the time you are waiting for the permanent teeth.

A dentist takes molds of the teeth or scans the mouth and uses the models and scans to fabricate the permanent teeth. When you come to receive your permanent teeth, the temporary one is removed. The dentist places a connector piece, also known as an abutment where the crown, or pontic tooth, is cemented onto.

Find out more about implant placement at our dental office. Visit us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS or call us at (512) 617-3361 to book your appointment.
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