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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dental x-ray of a full mouthEvery patient’s needs are different. Some merely need professional cleanings and exams twice yearly and an occasional filling. Others might need a crown placement or a tooth extracted. There are also some patients that might need a full mouth reconstruction in order to correct their oral health issues. Handling numerous dental health problems or a full mouth reconstruction can help to alleviate the patient’s symptoms and return their oral cavity to normal. Contact us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS to discuss the available options and determine what the best treatment course might be.

When is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Needed?

Many patients have more than one problem area or oral health need in their mouths. Typically, those patients will need not only a functional treatment option but also something that will look natural and not draw undue attention to their dental work. These are patients who are missing several teeth or need to have multiple processes done to correct several issues at one time.

The reconstruction process is not something recommended for every patient. It takes numerous appointments and can be quite expensive. Once we do the evaluation and give a complete exam, we will determine whether the full mouth reconstruction procedure is suited to their needs.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Options

Most people do not fully understand what a full mouth reconstruction is or what it entails. In the simplest terms, any procedure or treatment which impacts all of the teeth in a patient’s oral cavity is called a full reconstruction. This is reserved for those times when several teeth need professional care to remain healthy. It might mean filling cavities or placing several crowns. If we only fill a single cavity then it would not be considered a full reconstruction.

After we make an assessment and recommend a treatment regimen, we will begin to schedule the appointments. The entire process will take multiple office visits to complete. Following the assessment, we will consider veneers, bridges, dental implants or crowns to correct the assessed issues.

When finished, the patient will have a full mouth of artificial teeth if need be offering full support for the cheeks, lips, and jaw. But it is far more than a restorative, aesthetic process. Not only will their smile be improved and look great, but their tooth and jaw functionality will be much improved. This will improve the patient’s oral health as well as their overall health. The comprehensive exam will help us figure out the best place to start and to map out a successful treatment plan and what the patient’s full mouth reconstruction will include.

When patients have extensive damage and considerable tooth decay or gum disease, we are likely to recommend a mouth reconstruction. While the process takes quite a bit of time and can be quite expensive, the end results speak for themselves. Not only will the patient have a brand-new smile, free of decay and disease, but they will also have a higher degree of oral health. The pain from chewing as well as tooth or gum pain will be corrected as well. Come talk to us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS. To get your appointment scheduled give us a call at (512) 617-3361.
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