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Close up of woman placing guard into mouthWe all want to have a good restorative sleep as it helps us remain healthy and reduce our stress levels. Sleep deprivation can lead to many oral health problems. It also impacts the health of our bodies. Teeth grinding is a common problem in people and mostly occurs when sleeping. People who grind teeth may not be aware of their habit, but it can be harmful to their bite. Frequent grinding tends to wear down the surfaces of teeth, including the enamel. As a result, you may have reduced tooth height and increased sensitivity of the tooth. Moreover, the constant pressure and stress you put on the teeth when grinding can chip, fracture, crack, or even loosen your teeth. Damage to fillings, bridges, or crowns may occur if you grind teeth regularly. For this reason, you need to wear a mouthguard at night to protect your teeth. At Michelle Hedgecock, DDS we help design and construct a customized night mouthguard to protect your mouth.

Why You Need a Night Mouthguard

Wearing a night mouthguard allows you to keep the bottom and top arch of teeth separated at night. Therefore, the effects of teeth grinding or bruxism are kept at bay since even if you grind the teeth, you will not damage your teeth. Teeth grinding can cause pain in your teeth, erode the enamel, and create sore gums. It also causes pain in your jaw. When you wear a night mouthguard, it helps prevent these oral problems. Additionally, even if you wear braces, the mouthguards are fabricated to ensure they fit properly and are comfortable. Another thing is that night mouthguards help combat snoring as well as sleep apnea. When you come to our office, we will construct the right piece of night mouthguard based on your specific needs.

How We Fabricate your Night Mouthguard

When constructing a night mouthguard, we first get an impression of the teeth. We also conduct an intraoral scan to examine the entire mouth. Using these details, we create a digital 3D image of your teeth. We make sufficient alterations where needed before fabricating the mouthguards. The reason we take mouth impressions is to ensure we make custom-fitting mouthguards that work specifically for you. A night mouthguard is particularly designed to fit in the upper jaw. However, if you wear braces, we may alter the design.

Caring for your Night Mouthguard

Taking care of the night mouthguard is essential not only for the oral appliance itself but also for your oral health. Therefore, you should make sure you rinse thoroughly with warm water after removing the mouthguard from the mouth to wash away any food particles and bacteria stuck in there. Also, make sure you brush and floss before you put the appliance back in the mouth to eliminate plaque buildup. You may even want to brush the mouthguard, and our dentist will advise you on how to do it properly.

Always look out for damage on the mouthguard and reach out to our dentist if you notice any. Store the mouthguard in a container that we provide you. When visiting our dental office, carry your mouthguard with you to allow us to examine it for any defects. For more information about night mouthguards and how we construct them, visit our dental office at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS. Contact us at (512) 617-3361 to request an appointment.
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