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Oral Sedation
Austin, TX

Image of a dental professional greeting a patient, before oral sedation, at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS in Austin, TX. When it comes to relieving your dental anxiety, dentists typically have three sedation techniques to choose from, including intravenous (IV) sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, and oral sedation.

Oral sedation, also referred to as pill sedation, is one of the most commonly used sedation techniques to assist patients in relaxing during dental operations. Patients take a pill, specifically a benzodiazepine, such as Halcion, Xanax, or Valium, to reduce activity in the areas of the brain that regulate anxiety and fear. The outcome is a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere that will enable dentists to carry out their duties efficiently.

At Michelle Hedgecock, DDS, Dr. Michelle Hedgecock recommends oral sedation depending on the procedure and patient.

Why Opt for Oral Sedation

Some individuals have true phobias related to seeing the dentist or certain dental treatments and equipment. Many folks have fears when considering the needles or drills we use. The following are indicators that you should think about oral sedation for your upcoming dental treatment.
•  You're getting invasive dental surgery
•  The procedure is lengthy, so you want to have it done in one appointment rather than in more minor procedures over time
•  You have severe anxiety overall, but particularly at the dentist
•  You're scared of visiting the dentist, the procedure, or the tools used

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

During your first appointment, the dentist will discuss the different sedation options available. Your medical and oral history will be covered, and any drugs or dietary supplements you may take will be reviewed. After collecting all of the required data, the dentist will formulate sedative suggestions depending on your unique requirements.

Typically, it would help if you waited six hours before the dental visit before eating or drinking anything. Unless the dentist specifies otherwise, you must take the medication as prescribed.

However, if you're on blood thinners, such as Warfarin, let your dentist know. Before the treatment, they may advise patients to forgo certain prescriptions for a few days.

How Does Sedation Dentistry Work?

Before starting the operation, your dentist administers sedatives to you. Even so, the dentist will still provide local anesthesia to numb the gums and teeth. However, they will typically do so after you have already experienced some level of comfort from the oral sedatives.

What Occurs After Oral Sedation?

You will need a friend or family member to take you home after the appointment unless you select nitrous oxide as a sedative option. You should return home and take it easy until the sedation wears off.

Never use a rideshare or a taxi to go home after receiving a sedative. You'll need someone you have confidence in to assist you. The driver should check that you are sleeping soundly in bed or on a sofa before departing.

Getting Oral Sedation

The worry and anxiety associated with seeing the dentist may be safely eliminated with oral sedation. Although it may not be effective for everyone, most clients benefit from it. Don't let your fear prevent you from seeing the dentist. Rather than feeling concerned or fearful, talk to Michelle Hedgecock, DDS so that we may help you discover ways to keep your teeth healthy. Contact us by calling us at (512) 617-3361 to book your consultation appointment.
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Oral sedation is one of the most commonly used sedation techniques to assist patients in relaxing during dental operations. Click here to learn more about it!
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