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Periodontal Maintenance and Care

Woman leaning back in dental chair looking up at dentistOnce you receive gum disease treatment and your periodontal disease is stabilized. If you fail to keep up with professional dental cleanings and proper at-home oral care, you may slip back to the same disease. Often, our dentist will provide a personalized periodontal maintenance plan that helps ensure the gums remain healthy now and in the future. Maintenance therapy is an ongoing program that works to prevent more gum disease from developing in the gums. It also helps ensure the bone supporting the teeth remains healthy. Our gum disease treatment team at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS will ensure that you get supportive periodontal care that keeps your smile healthy after receiving a gum disease treatment.

What Happens During your Periodontal Maintenance Appointment?

Unfortunately, the daily brushing and flossing we do at home do not completely remove tartar, it just minimizes it. Over time, you start experiencing a recurring gum disease after about two to four months following your last dental cleaning.

When you visit our dental office for a periodontal maintenance appointment, our dentist and hygienist will discuss your previous dental care habits. The hygienist examines your oral tissues and measures the gum pocket depths. The hygienist also assesses your oral hygiene habits and removes bacterial plaque as well as tartar that you have not been able to remove via regular brushing and flossing at home.

X-rays are taken to evaluate the health status of the teeth and supporting bone. The dentist goes on to examine the teeth for things like cavities, decay, and the health of the gums. Additionally, our dentist checks to ensure you have a proper bite. You may receive prescriptions of medications to help kill bacteria in the mouth.

What is the Timeline for Having Periodontal Maintenance?

How often you receive periodontal maintenance and care depends on your periodontal condition. The period between your supportive gum disease therapy visits can be as often as every three months to maintain gum health. Each case is different.

Many things will influence the frequency of supportive periodontal care visits. The stage of the periodontal disease, the treatment type, and the rate of plaque formation and growth are also factors that determine how often you should visit our office. Your personal commitment to ensuring good oral care is also an important factor that we look at to help schedule your visits.

Keeping Up with Your Periodontal Maintenance Therapy

Did you know that the main culprit for tooth loss among adults is periodontal disease? And there is no cure for this disease. The only thing that you can do is prevent it. Therefore, it is important you adhere to the guidelines our dentist provides you regarding periodontal health. Preventive maintenance offers great benefits and will help ensure you combat gum disease and keep your teeth and gums healthy. Through this program, you are able to improve the function of your teeth. You chew more comfortably and speak with more confidence. More importantly, you keep your dental costs down since you lower the chances of having future gum disease problems.

Contact our team at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS to find out more about periodontal maintenance and care. Give us a call at (512) 617-3361 to request an appointment for a consultation.
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