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Kid wearing football gear and holding sports mouthguardTaking part in sports and exercises improves our health and appearance. However, when indulging in things like contact sports, it is easy to sustain injuries. Many times, we fail to protect ourselves from these injuries. You may wear a sports helmet, but it will do little to protect the teeth and jaw from injury. A sportsguard comes in handy if you have to keep your mouth and teeth protected. According to the American Dental Association, wearing a sportsguard when playing contact sports like hockey, basketball, and other sports can reduce the odds of being injured. When you do not wear a sportsguard, you increase the chances of sustaining injuries to about 60 percent. It is for this reason that we recommend the use of sportsguards. Our dental specialists at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS provide customized mouthguards for sports to ensure you protect your bite.

What are Sportsguards?

When we talk of sportsguards, they are oral appliances that people wear over their upper arch of teeth while participating in sports. They are designed to help prevent oral injury. A sportsguard protects you from breaking your teeth, cutting the lips, or knocking out the teeth. If you are an athlete and you wear braces or fixed oral restorations such as bridges in your lower jaw, we suggest that you wear a sportsguard. Since mouth structure is different for everyone, we customize the sportsguards so that they fit properly.

Who Needs Sportsguards?

Anyone who participates in sports will find sportsguard an important accessory particularly for sports that involve body contact, flying equipment, and falls. If you play baseball, hockey, soccer, football, basketball, or rugby, putting on a sportsguard is a smart idea. Not only are sportsguards essential for adults, but kids also need them, especially when mountain biking, skateboarding, and playing other sports that can contribute to a mouth injury.

What are the Types of Sportsguard?

You will find different kinds of sportsguards for sports, however, you should ensure you choose those that are comfortable, resilient, and wear-resistant. A custom-designed sportsguard makes the best choice because it provides optimal protection. There are others such as boil and bite or stock sportsguards but they do not measure up to custom-made sportsguards. Our dentist constructs custom-fitted sportsguards that work specifically for your needs. When fabricating the sportsguards, we make an impression of the teeth that we use to make the sportsguards.

Caring for your Sportsguard

You know that a sportsguard offers a line of defense against bite injuries. Keeping them in proper condition allows them to survive longer. Additionally, sportsguards stay in the mouth for long during the time you are playing, meaning they carry and hold bacteria, which may cause decay. You, therefore, need to clean them regularly, especially once you remove them and before putting them back in the mouth. If they wear out, ensure you replace them.

If you are an active athlete, do not risk getting injured. Protect your bite from sports injuries by obtaining a sportsguard from our dental office. Visit us at Michelle Hedgecock, DDS to have a sportsguard made for you and your family members, including your kids. If you have any questions regarding these oral appliances, give us a call at (512) 617-3361.
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